Interview with Taylor Rose
Author of: Return of the Right:
How the Conservative Movement is Taking Back Western Civilization

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  1. Why did you decide to write Return of the Right?

    For the longest time I, like many, thought that the Leftist takeover of the West was pretty much total and complete. I never really thought that nationalism would arise again. Perhaps it was because we were too decadent or complacent or ignorant. But then I began to actually study European politics right around the time of the 2008 presidential elections and I saw some amazing things. Not only had the works of Geert Wilders impressed me for years, but I soon began to realize that there were many in Europe just like him. I studied the poll numbers and electoral history and I said to myself “Hey what do you know? There really is a strong nationalist presence in Europe and it is taking off.” This was of course happening around the same time of the debut of the Tea Party movement, so it was very exciting, but I was amazed at home many people I knew (mainly Americans) had no idea that Europe had not only a powerful nationalist movement, but it was growing. After having studied the subject matter and historical trends, I concluded that not only is Europe’s nationalist movement growing, it stands a good chance to destroy the EU, stop Islaminization and even influence the American Right-Wing movements.

    I then thought to myself that this is all very exciting and dynamic and will have a great impact upon the future of European and American politics and conservatives across both the spectrum and all borders in the West need to be made aware of these amazing changes to help encourage our movements forward. The people need to know, since the mainstream media won’t let them, that our beliefs are having much more of an impact and acceptance than is being told.

    I then thought to myself that this is all very exciting and dynamic and will have a great impact upon the future of European and American politics and conservatives across both the spectrum and all borders in the West need to be made aware of these amazing changes to help encourage our movements forward. The people need to know, since the mainstream media won’t let them, that our beliefs are having much more of an impact and acceptance than is being told.

  2. Do you think that Right-Wingers have a chance to retake the West politically?

    Yes I do, though I would not say that is where our greatest strength lies in actually “taking over the West” politically. The elites are very entrenched, yet their façade is collapsing. In this wake new parties and ideas are going to either emerge and/or reemerge. You will first see the Right-Wing act as a great power of political influence, mainly upon the center-right, by reorienting the ideas of the center-right to reform immigration policy and take a more hard-line anti-Socialist stance. If the center-right fails to reform its positions back to what I call “right-wing orthodoxy” they stand the chance of being “punished.” We are already seeing this in Europe where Geert Wilder’s Freedom Party recently collapsed the center-right government for failing to uphold the anti-Islamist/anti-EU positions it promised to Wilders. This is real power and as the center-right and center-left continue to discredit themselves, the traditional Right will rise to fill the vacuum left over.

  3. What are the major differences between the American Right and the European Right?

    Fundamentally the American Right-Wing focuses more on economics while the European Right focuses more on cultural and identity issues. The Americans tend to place more emphasis on civic and economic liberty, they look at culture not so much as rooted in religion, ethnicity, culture or traditions, but rather in the “culture of liberty.” Europe does not follow this. The European Right generally believes that economics is to serve the best interest of the nation. This has some dramatic consequences however, for the European Right often falls into the trap of advocating socialist policies without ever meaning to be socialist.

    Take the Sweden Democrats for example. Their economic policy does not rest upon reducing the size of government or spending, but rather just protecting the welfare state for Swedes and not immigrants. A position like this is unfathomable to a Tea Party member for example who generally speaking wants to abolish the welfare state all together. But then again, it the average Tea Partier will find it also hard to accept banning the Koran or Burka as many on the European Right wish to do.

    There is one unique difference though between the two movements. The European Right seems to understand much better than the American Right what the end goal is. The American Right has a very abstract end-game vision and is only willing to fight as needed. Conversely the European Right is fighting for total victory. They have learned this from the Left. The Left wants a multicultural, socialistic New World Order without Christianity, without the nation-state and without cultural differences. The European Right has learned from this the hard way, and is now just as committed to the reestablishment of traditional European values and the strengthening of the European nation-state at the expense of the Left. The Americans by-in-large do not seem to fully grasp just how dire the situation really is. The Left is out to not just transform the United States, they want to utterly destroy it and everything it has stood for. The only way the American Right will be successful, is if it is just as committed to total victory as the Left is.

  4. Do we have to worry about “Far-Right” parties such as the NPD in Germany or Falange Española giving our movements a bad name or influence?

    Yes and no. The media of course will try to paint a picture showing how the Right-Wing movements are somehow connected to these far-right rouge groups, however the average European voter is smart enough to tell the difference between orthodox nationalism and the godless belief system of the fascists and Nazis. It appeared in some localities that perhaps the rise of Nationalism in Europe was being accompanied by a rise in these far-right groups, but generally speaking, these far-right groups lose ground as fast as they gain it. They generally serve the purpose of being an outlet for frustrated voters and that is it. Nobody takes the NPD or Falange Española seriously, not to mention their policies are incoherent with modern philosophy and modern interests. The true nationalists however, such as Front National and The Freedom Party of Austria are simply tapping into and reviving traditional ideas and values that are independent of a fascistic worldview.
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  6. What role do you think Christianity is going to play long term in regards to the revival of Nationalism?

    Europe will have to begin to return to a Christian basis for its survival. Whether or not the official Protestant and Catholic churches endorse this ideas is another thing, however the Right-Wing is conscious of this need for having Christianity incorporated into the Right-Wing identity. In Austria, the FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria) came out with a new slogan that said: “The West in Christian hands,” and in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders has said that the Netherlands must reassert its Judeo-Christian roots. This is all occurring because of the contrast that Islam provides. Humanism is proving to be a shallow ideology for many Europeans and a revival of Christianity could be about to occur. In the United States though, it appears that this revival could be stifled, for Americans still believe that the USA is still acting like a Christian country. The homosexual movement seems to provide a type of contrast with the Christian heritage, but with so many churches endorsing the gay movement now, the American church seems more divided amongst itself, rather than fighting the opponents of traditionalism.

    Regardless though, Christianity will become the unifying religious force for the Right-Wing movements in Europe and the USA, for the only way to have a true revival of Occidental power both inwardly and outwardly is for the Occident to return to its historical foundations rooted in Christianity. Humanism is a failure and the only hope for a restoration of strength and liberty is a conviction in the inspiration of Christianity’s absolutes.

  7. How will this economic crisis affect the reemergence of the Right-Wing in the West?

    The establishment Right is proving itself to be a cabal of liars and sell outs. Whether it is Sarkozy, Merkel, Cameron, Boehner, Rubio or Bush, these politicians are nothing more than agents of the banking and industrialist elite and they serve their money and ideas. It is because of these horrendous policies from both the establishment Left and establishment Right that new factions are arising on both sides (the Occupy Movement of the Left vs. the Tea Party Movement of the Right). The establishment has already been exposed as a criminal cartel. This exposure is leading the citizenry to reject the traditional elites of the West, hence creating room for new leaders to emerge.

    As the crisis worsens and the establishment leaders prove their ill for us, the Right will find new outlets for support that previously did not exist. The centralized banking policies, fiat money, internationalism, environmentalism, multiculturalism and mass immigration will all start falling apart even more rapidly the more and more the crisis worsens. National and international governments are going to be ineffective in helping people through this crisis. The crisis is going to force people to start looking to the local level for support, hence garnering for them a stronger local identity rooted in traditional values and identity. Hence, Right-Wing principles of traditions, culture, local-government and honest money are going to inevitably become a new trend of the future. This is the perfect environment needed for a new revival of traditional values.

  8. What has the Right-Wing in the West accomplished so far?

    In addition to gaining enormous foot hold in many of the parliaments and congresses of the West, the Right-Wing has begun to have many specific victories. In 2005 the power of nationalism was exposed when France and the Netherlands voted against the EU Treaty and as well in Ireland when nationalism was protected by their vote against the Lisbon Treaty. In Denmark, the Danish People’s Party has begun to reduce the number of visas given out to guest workers, prohibit non-citizens from voting and reestablished border controls between Denmark and her neighbors. In Switzerland, the construction of minarets has been banned and in France, Spain, Belgium and in certain regions of Germany, the wearing of the Burka has been banned.

    In the USA, the most impressive success can be seen on the state level, where Arizona style immigration reform is taking root all across the country. Additionally, the state reactions against the federal government’s Obamacare mandate have also set the precedent for states to revive their God-given sovereignty under the Constitution. If a revival is going to take place in the United States, it will be at the state level.

    But probably what has been the greatest victory of the Right in both America and Europe has been the changing of the narrative. No longer is the debate about how much fiat money the Fed should print or how should European integration proceed, but rather the Right has been effective in changing the debate about how to reestablish sound money, destroy the international banking system, halt mass immigration and how to withdraw from the EU and restore national sovereignty. This is the real victory, that now, thanks to the efforts of Right-Wing leaders and thinkers such as Ron Paul, Geert Wilders and Daniel Hannan, the transnational narrative has shifted very much towards our side. As the principles of the Right’s narrative again penetrate into the mindset of the citizens of the Occident the Right stands assured of more political victories in the future.

  9. You write about the growing influence and power of conservative talk radio, do you foresee this as a long-term success or simply a short held victory?

    This will be a long held victory. The Right-Wing has found an alternative form of communication and practically monopolized it. The Left has a stronghold on the television and print media and their ratings and sales are declining overall, whereas the Right is having a massive increase of support on the internet and especially talk radio. How else could Ron Paul for example, be so successful still if it were not for the internet and talk radio?

  10. Why are you involved in the Right-Wing movement?

    I am involved as a self-declared Right-Wing Conservative, for the simple reason that I believe that the Christian heritage of the West is essential for the preservation of liberty and prosperity. Never has there been such a time where our homelands were as free, prosperous and peaceful as there were under the Christian times of the West. Additionally however, is that I resent the inherent evil of the Left. The Left talks a good line of “human rights,” “peace,” and “tolerance,” but based upon their actions throughout history, they seriously want to engineer a New World Order where the state becomes god walking on Earth (as Hegel put it) in order to initiate a new übermensch that is not “contaminated” by such things as religion, culture, race and national identity. The Left is a dangerous and nefarious group of people. They have a vision of a secular order and if the patriotic credo of God, family and country cannot revive itself and stop their agenda, we will be living in a horror on the level of the old-Soviet Union or 1984. The only problem is, this time there will be no land of liberty and freedom to save us.

  11. What do you see as the biggest threats to the future success of the Right-Wing movements?

    Ourselves. The trends of politics and of the economic crisis will naturally lead us to a revival and victory—if we play it correctly. Bad behavior and arrogance will cost us dearly. We do not have a media to cover our tracks like the establishment left and right do, so therefore we must truly stick by our principles and integrity to prevent hubris from compromising our beliefs and movement.

    Additionally to this point is not being so naïve to believe that our elected leaders are messiahs. Politicians are politicians. It is a very rare thing to find a Ron Paul or a Geert Wilders, and you thank God when they show up. But we in the American Right have already learned this lesson the hard way. Take Marco Rubio for example. Originally running on a hard-right platform that fit the Tea Party mold, it appeared that he would become a great leader for traditional American values in the Senate.

    Now however it is clear that Rubio is nothing more than a shill for the Neo-con establishment. He has supported NDAA, introduced his own version of the DREAM Act and spat in the eyes of the American Founders when he endorsed interventionism at his recent speech at the Brookings Institute. Now what in the world is conservative is conservative about detaining American citizen indefinitely or invading other countries at will? NOTHING! He sounds more like a Clinton-Bush era apparatchik than a traditional Tea Party Conservative. As Americans we wish the best of others and generally do not presuppose that people are liars and deceivers. But remember this is politics and the whole premise of the American Right is that government is evil and the men in it are not to be trusted. Let us not repeat the mistakes of the past and believe our own propaganda that America possesses mythological politicians. Once we believe in our inherent greatness, we’ve betrayed our founding principles.

  12. What will become of the Left after the Right-Wing “wins”?

    Do not have any illusions, the Left is not going to somehow be utterly eliminated from the political scene. They will always exist in some form. What should be the goal for the Right-Wing is to not so much be committed to the ideological elimination of the Left (meaning the victory of debate) but rather the Left should be reformed to look out for the basic interests of the nation-state and culture, something along the lines of the Scottish National Party or Sinn Fein in Ireland. I think a world in which in a parliamentary body, parties such as the FPÖ, Front National, the Republican Party and Sinn Fein were all together would be a very good grouping. Internationalism, multiculturalism and Islam are the enemies. These are specific ideologies that we can target and remove from the political discourse over time without being bloody tyrants. The goal is reformation not revolution.

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