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State Rights, Secession
and Big Government

Declaration of Southern Cultural Independence

Red State - Blue State Secessionists Unite
by Thomas H. Naylor -
Second Vermont Republic

Flag-waving patriots didn’t like it one bit. Nor did left-wing Democrats, right-wing Republicans, the Bush administration’s neocon mafia, the Israeli lobby, Corporate America, Fox news, CNN, National Public Radio, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, The Nation, The Wall Street Journal, or The New York Times. The have-gun-will-travel Southern Poverty Law Center was absolutely beside itself. And what exactly was it that they all didn’t like?

On October 3-4 representatives from thirty state separatist movements met in Chattanooga, Tennessee to discuss peaceable ways to dissolve the American Empire. Delegates came from as far away as California, Alaska, Oregon, Vermont, and New Hampshire joining Southerners from Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Sponsored by the New England based Middlebury Institute and The League of the South, the Second North American Secessionist Convention brought together a strange mix of so-called blue state liberals and red state conservatives committed to the peaceful breakup of the Empire.

There was only one issue on the table - - the Empire. There was no time whatsoever for discussion of such divisive issues as race, religion, class, sexuality, or immigration. Delegates from both camps sniffed each other out, acknowledged their differences, and remained steadfastly on topic for two full days.

Delegates took note of the fact that our government has lost its moral authority and that our nation is unsustainable, ungovernable, and, therefore, unfixable. Both the Democratic and Republican parties were dismissed as completely irrelevant as are the yahoos running for president.

Near the end of the convention nearly all delegates signed the “Chattanooga Declaration.” The declaration listed seven truths upon which most delegates agreed. It acknowledged the fact that the left-right dichotomy was an anachronism from the past exploited by politicians to help keep us divided. It further noted that the Bush administration has tried to resurrect the left-right divide to gain support for its convoluted war on terrorism.

Traditionally, conservatives have blamed all of our problems on the federal government. Liberals, on the other hand, blame Corporate America for our ills. Both sides are right. The U.S. government is owned, operated, and controlled by Corporate America.

The terms liberal and conservative have no meaning anymore. The real issues are size, scale, and empire, not Iraq, the economy, health care, or immigration. The American Empire is the most powerful, most militaristic, most violent, most racist, most imperialistic empire of all time. That’s the only issue that really matters.

The entire convention was energized by an Associated Press piece by Bill Poovey released a few hours before the convention began. In his extremely well written piece, Poovey quoted University of North Carolina Professor Harry Watson who said that the unlikely red state – blue state partnering “represents the far left and far right of American politics coming together.”

The AP story was picked up by hundreds of radio stations, TV stations, websites, and newspapers nationwide. League of the South President Michael Hill gave over thirty-five interviews. Fox News, CNN, National Public Radio, and the Financial Times covered the convention. It even made Jay Leno’s monologue!

The meeting ended with the delegate from the Second Vermont Republic inviting others to join Vermont in a “Genteel Revolution” of thoughtful writers, artists, academics, blue collar workers, doctors, farmers, lawyers, merchants, and other rebels committed to helping save America and the rest of the world from the American Empire.

May God bless the Untied States of America!

Thomas H. Naylor
October 15, 2007


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