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Asking Permission to Elope
Bubba Smith

Can you imagine little Mary Jane, now 16 and wise in the ways of the world (some of them, anyway), coming to the startling conclusion that her life would be so much better if she were free from the mean, grumpy old father who never lets her have any fun at all? So when Rufus, the local dufus, suggests they ought to run away and get married, she goes straight home and asks her daddy for permission to elope.

That is precisely what a simple citizen in Louisiana has done [and at least 19 people in other states have now followed suit], with his petition for permission to secede, according to World Net Daily.He filed it the very day after the election. However, he just might be dumb like a fox, as we say. Mary Jane, for example, has a chance that her daddy will be so happy to see her go that he'll say something brilliant like, "Don't let the door hit you in the backside on your way out."Uncle Sugar is not going to say that.He needs Louisiana oil, fish, timber, and most of all, the welfare votes that feed the System. It would be too much to let such a lucrative concern just walk away, as if it were free.

But even so, the very audacity of some coon-ass in Slidell, Louisiana, drawing up a petition to secede!It stirs the soul.Even while men laugh at him, many of them wish him luck, and the talk around coffee shops in Louisiana over the next month is going to be about this one subject.That, my friend, is an accomplishment.

Boudreaux is shaping the dialogue, whether he knows it or not.And after his petition is denied, well, he just might be in a bad mood.Y'all ever been to Slidell?I'm telling you for a fact that if you fly over that river, low and slow, in a private plane, them people will shoot at your airplane. (They think you're snooping in on the only cash crop they've ever been able to grow in that gumbo soil, and they don't intend for some "revenooer" pokin' around makin' trouble.)

This Cajun points out that the Declaration of Independence clearly states that when governments become destructive of the rights of the People, they "have the right to alter or abolish it." That would be true in a free country, but we don't live in a free country.If we did, we would be free to withdraw, and we are not.The movement will grow when local elected officials take it seriously.And if they don't, they may find themselves replaced by others who do.

We wish him well.His movement needs to spread.Big Daddy is not going to give petitioners anything but a tax audit, but this is one of those little boiling pots that just could boil over into some real trouble.The mood of The People is definitely thinking about where to go.Many are contemplating moving out of the country for a few years (or decades).I've thought it myself, and you probably have too.Louisiana, however, doesn't need to move to live in a third-world country - they already are one, and if the Feds bomb them back to the stone-age, a lot of them won't even notice! So they'll just take their state with them, and leave.

May God bless Louisiana, and someday grant them Freedom. I hope to live to see it.

While any movement that advances the idea of secession is a good thing, let us not forget that it is our States to whom we should look for leadership in this matter. Instead of asking permission to secede from Washington, DC (specifically the White House), we should be writing letters to our Governors, State Attorneys General, and State Senators and Representatives. These officials are the "lesser magistrates" whose duty is to interpose themselves between us, the citizens of the sovereign States, and the government in DC. So instead of simply signing an online petition for secession, take the time to write (and call) these lesser magistrates in your State and demand that they stand up for you against the organized criminal enterprise otherwise known as the US government. - Michael Hill, President, The League of the South


Below is a sample letter you can use to write to your State officials:

Dear __________:

The national election on 6 November proved beyond doubt that the US is fractured beyond repair both politically and culturally. Moreover, the continuation of a socialist regime in Washington, DC, imperils an already shaky economy and our Constitutional liberties.

Without belaboring the point - which I think you fully grasp - the sovereign State of __________ would be better served going her own way rather than continuing in a polity hostile to the interests and well being of the majority of her productive citizens. On the national scale, demographic changes show that this situation will only get worse for our State and her Red State sisters in the South and West. Traditional candidates will not win another Presidential election.

Secession was the original American political doctrine, and the Declaration of Independence bears that out. Once again, it is time we use this honorable and legitimate weapon to protect ourselves from those un-American ideas and actions that now threaten our freedom and prosperity as __________ [enter Alabamians, Floridians, etc].

I urge you to use your influence and position as the "lesser magistrate" to serve the interests of the people of our great and sovereign State.


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