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Missouri Jack Hinson Shoot
After Action Report Missouri LS

The first ever Missouri Jack Hinson Shoot is in the books! A great time was had by all on this beautiful weekend (20-21 Oct) that the Lord provided. We started bright and early on Saturday Morning with 21 shooters turning to test their skills. The shoot was opened with prayer by Pastor Wade Rabun, followed by a short introduction by Shoot Boss/Instructor Ralph Alkire. Next up was a little history on the namesake of this project, Jack Hinson. After this history lesson the first round of shooters was called to the line. There were 10 shooters in the first group. After instructions, explanation of shooting positions, and some demonstrations on marksmanship, the shooting was started. The rest of the morning was spent verifying zeros and shooting practice targets. After a lunch break, the first AQTs were posted for the first group, when all was said and done (for some it was done more than once) there were nine of the ten shooters who scored above 215 to earn their Hinson Patch. After that kind of performance you could bet the heat was on for the second group when they took the line. After a second history lesson the second group was also a group of ten shooters who were chomping at the bit for their patch, and when it was all done four of those had reached their goal. After this group we had one lone shooter who needed to qualify, our Pastor Wade Rabun took the line with a bolt action rifle and fired a qualifying AQT to earn his Hinson Patch. After a closing prayer there was a lot of discussion at the close of the first day of Missouri's first Hinson Shoot. Lots of chili was consumed, lots of shots fired downrange, and lots confidence was built for day two.

Day two started just like day one, sunny and bright. Morning Church was conducted, with a great lunch to follow and shooting mats were laid out for the second day of shooting. Those who didn't qualify the day before took the line. There were a total of four shooters who took the line on day two, since some had already left before the second day attempt. When the afternoon shooting was over and we were preparing to learn about our local history, William Quantrill, there were four more Hinson Patches distributed. That would qualify everyone who stayed for the two day training and shoot (three of the shooters only attended day one and did not qualify).

In all Missouri had eighteen Hinson Patches earned. Of these patches, three were with bolt action rifles with open sights, and one with a Ruger 1022 with open sights. The top shooter for the weekend was 11- year- old Liberty R. with a score of 239. Missouri League is proud of this accomplishment and this opportunity to see our regular training pay off. We would like to thank those who worked hard to get this Jack Hinson Project together. We had a great time in this competition and are looking forward to hearing from other Hinson Shoots.

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