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The Real Abraham Lincoln Revealed in His Own Words

A Study of Lincoln's Suppressed, Misinterpreted,
and Forgotten Writings and Speeches

by Lochlainn Seabrook

There are two Abraham Lincolns: Lincoln the political celebrity, whose image has been carefully crafted by Lincoln scholars, biographers, and mythographers, and the true Lincoln, whose actual words are almost completely unknown to the general public. Why are they not known? Because they have been concealed, ignored, or misconstrued by Lincoln apologists. In some cases they have even actually been destroyed. Lincoln’s business associates, family members, and personal friends, for example, intentionally burned many of his writings.

What is it that Lincoln devotees are so afraid of, and why have they been so careful to bury all traces of the real man? The reason is simple. Exposing the hidden but authentic Lincoln would uncover both his criminal behavior and the illegalities of his war on the South in 1861. In his stunning new 1,050-page work, Lincolnology — the only study ever undertaken on the president’s suppressed, misinterpreted, and forgotten writings and speeches — Southern historian and award-winning Tennessee author Lochlainn Seabrook seeks to replace these pages so nefariously torn from our American history books.

The result of ten years of careful research, Mr. Seabrook opens up the long sealed vaults of Lincoln’s works, disclosing what few have dared contemplate let alone utter. Far from being our “greatest president,” Lincoln shows himself to be a raging war criminal who violently tried to Northernize the South, an unrestrained demagogue who fixed the 1860 and 1864 elections, a tax-and-spend liberal who sought to install big government, and a dictatorial megalomaniac who wished to overturn the Constitution. Far from being the “Great Emancipator,” his writings and speeches portray a man who was a white racialist and supremacist, one who promoted American apartheid, stalled the Emancipation Proclamation, consistently blocked black civil rights, violently forced blacks into his armies, barred blacks from entering the White House, used slave labor to construct federal buildings (like the U.S. Capitol), used profits from Northern slavery to fund his war, sanctioned atrocities against both the Southern and the Northern people, and plotted his entire adult life to have all African-Americans, as he phrased it, “sent back to their own native land.”

With nearly 2,000 footnotes and a 1,000-book bibliography, this well documented 400,000-word volume will forever alter the way America views its sixteenth chief executive. This special Civil War Sesquicentennial Edition includes an exhaustive index and provocative in-depth chapters on everything Lincolnian, from his war crimes, political outrages, anti-South Reconstruction plans, black colonization efforts, and atheism, to his real views on race, secession, the Constitution, and abolition. Also included are photographs of Lincoln, his cabinet, and his military chiefs.

Lochlainn Seabrook is the winner of the prestigious Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal. Introduction by Dr. J. Michael Hill, President of the League of the South, former Professor of British History, University of Alabama, and author of Fire and Sword. Foreword by Robert Lovell, five-term mayor of Leesburg, Florida, Lt. Col. in Hardee's Corps, and author of Cracker Outlaw.

1,050 pages. PB. $44.95 + Shipping

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