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The Grey Book
If there is one book you must read to understand today's Southern independence movement, it is The Grey Book.

Among other things, you will learn:
  • Why Southern independence is not only desirable but likely

  • Why independence for the Southern States is the only realistic remedy for a descent into cultural barbarism, political tyranny, and economic bankruptcy

  • How a Southern nation, based on its Christian faith, would be radically different from the current American regime

  • How an independent South would handle the Social Security debacle

  • What sort of financial, monetary, and banking systems the South would adopt in order to ensure sound money and true economic prosperity

  • How a Southern armed services would look compared to the current imperial military

  • How a Southern defense and foreign policy would truly serve and defend the interests of the Southern people

  • How the dispossessed Southern Middle Class would benefit from independence

  • How the abolition of the income, property, and inheritance tax burden would increase prosperity and freedom

  • How breaking the current leftist media stranglehold would benefit the Southern people

  • How different education-elementary, secondary, and higher-would look in a free Southern nation

  • How law enforcement and the criminal justice system would be revamped to serve true justice and the security of the people of the South

  • How firearms ownership would be protected from anti-gun zealots

Finally, there is a plan and a vision for Southern independence!

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