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Custom Framed Portrait Fundraiser
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Valerie Protopapas, winner of the League’s newly created “Copperhead” award, has made an offer to help us with a fund raising project. Valerie is, among other things, an artist who has in the past rendered “bust” portraits—head and shoulders—from both photographs and illustrations of such notable Confederates as Col. John Singleton Mosby—her personal favorite—and General Nathan Bedford Forrest. She has even painted a Yankee or two—with gritted teeth—when requested to do so. In more than a few instances, Valerie has created portraits of the ancestors of friends and the occasional raffle winner, taken from copies of personal photos provided by the recipient.

Upon receipt of our recent request for financial assistance, Valerie has offered to do an eight by ten inch framed portrait of the subject of choice for any person or group donating $200 or more to the League.

Obviously, the donor would need to provide a photograph—or rather a copy thereof as such things are usually rare and costly—sufficiently large to make the features visible for reproduction. Pictures of one’s ancestor taken from fifty feet away on horseback in a crowd are obviously not suitable, but many CDVs are. Information regarding coloring—eyes and hair—would have to be provided for period photos. If the donor prefers a reproduction from a painting, a copy of that would also be required. But again, it would be only of the head and shoulders. There is no limitation on the subject. Women as well as men, the famous and the obscure alike are perfectly fine.

After Valerie receives notice from the League of the receipt of the donation along with information on the donor, she will contact that person by e-mail or regular mail and the rest of the process will take place between the artist and the donor to prevent confusion and delay. The finished portrait will be framed and mailed to the donor upon its completion.

If there are any questions regarding this offer, please contact Valerie directly:

telephone: (631) 271-4408
mailing address: 14 Peartree Lane, Huntington Station, New York 11746

For more information, call the League at (800) 888-3163 or contact us
via email.

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