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State Rights, Secession
and Big Government

Declaration of Southern Cultural Independence

Mark Royden Winchell, Ph.D.
24 July 1948 - 8 May 2008

The League of the South and the League Institute mourn the loss of our dear friend and esteemed colleague Mark Winchell.

Dr. Mark Royden Winchell, distinguished and prolific scholar and author and Director of the League of the South Institute for the Study of Southern Culture and History, passed from this world on May 8th after a valiant and spirited two-year battle with cancer. Professor of Literature and European Civilisation at Clemson University, Dr. Winchell was a lively exemplar of the Southern literary tradition, although a native of Ohio. He received his PhD at Vanderbilt University during the last days of Agrarian influence there. An accomplished literary critic, Dr. Winchell was much more - essayist, biographer, and one of the few scholars not afraid to defend the Southern tradition - publicly and emphatically - a true man of letters and good citizen.

His published work includes a half dozen literary biographies, including works on Cleanth Brooks and Donald Davidson (completing a project begun by M.E. Bradford), and many dozens of articles and essays on every aspect of 19th and 20th century American literature. Few professors of literature have been more prolific and versatile. Dr. Winchell was coauthor with Senator Herman Tallmadge of Tallmadge's memoirs. His most recent books include Reinventing the South: Versions of a Literary Region; God, Man, and Hollywood: Politically Incorrect Cinema from 'The Birth of a Nation" to "The Passion of the Christ; Confessions of a Copperhead (unpublished); and Ideas in Conflict: Writing about the Great Issues of Civilization, a reader for English composition courses coedited with his wife Donna H. Winchell, a distinguished scholar of African-American literature.

Dr. Mark Winchell was just in the prime of his distinguished and highly productive career when struck by illness, but he continued his work and maintained a lively, positive spirit throughout his illness. He leaves a wife, two young sons, and a host of friends and admirers.

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