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State Rights, Secession
and Big Government

Declaration of Southern Cultural Independence

Introduction :: Member Communications Center

Welcome to the League of The South Member Communications Center. This is the first step or phase in our launch of major improvements in our capability to communicate with both our members and the public at large.

For our first step we chose to start by improving our communication with our members, this is your organisation and our success is your success and you are the key to success. Please take a few minutes and read the following and then give it a try. If you are not a member yet, just click here to join.

The Members Only section of our website, will feature an audio message to you the membership starting at once a month from Dr. Michael Hill, our President. In addition various web pages for members only will be available.

Since this is a Members only section, it does require a secure login process and a confirmed eMail address. Later enhancements will provide similar communication for members without internet via your telephone.

Upon mashing the login link below League members will be taken to a login page that offers two options:

  1. Member already has an account established: This means that you have already confirmed your email address and established a password for your account. With this option a user simply enters their email address and password and mashes the login button. In the beginning this option will not apply to any member because at that point no one will have yet confirmed their email address or established a password.

  2. First Time Login: This means that you have never logged in before and have not confirmed your email address or password. For this option, the member will not enter an email address or password. Rather the member will simply check the First Time User box just below the regular login and then press the login button. On subsequent pages the member will then be able to set-up and confirm their account.

Please note: For security reasons, in order to establish an account with the Member Communication Center you will be asked to enter your City, First and Last Name. This information must match what the LS office has on file. If you have moved and not reported it to the League you should use your old city name initially. After your account is established you will have the opportunity to correct and bring all of your information up to date.

There will be a few who can not login with the City, First and Last Name. For example, if you have moved or we have an error in our membership list. If this occurs just send a message with your correct information (first and last name, city, state, and current email address) to your State Chairman or League Office.

Now Michaelís message is waiting, we have much work to do and we hope that you find this and the following communication enhancements of great benefit to Our Cause.

Member Login Here

For Southern Independence
Michael Hill

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