Southern Cultural Independence Day Celebration Commemorative

On Saturday, 4 March 2000, we began in earnest the movement toward Southern independence. The Declaration of Southern Cultural Independence is intended as a clarion call to all proud Southerners to come to the defence of their common cultural heritage and their Christian civilisation. We hope and pray that this bold statement will encourage others across Dixie to take their stand publicly against the dark forces that seek our destruction as a people. To have drawn over 3,000 folks to a public event that openly advocated Southern independence is nothing less than astonishing. Let us build on the foundations of Columbia and Montgomery and take this movement eventually to every Southern state capital. May God grant us a name and a place among the nations of the earth.

The League of the South is offering a special numbered (1 through 1000) commemorative of the "Southern Cultural Independence Day Celebration." This 13 X 14-inch commemorative is done on heavy stock and features a line drawing of the Alabama State Capitol and the text of the original poem -- "Standing On the Star, 2000" -- written for the occasion by Dr. James E. Kibler. Each commemorative is signed by Dr. Kibler and Dr. Michael Hill.

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