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The League of The South Papers

From its inception in 1994, The League of the South made education one of its primary undertakings. Southerners must understand who we are and what our true history is before we can successfully create a Southern nationalist movement.

Part of our early educational endeavour was the seven essays in the LS Papers Series. These essays have heretofore been available separately in pamphlet form. Now, we have put them together under one cover. While initially intended to stand alone, they work together seamlessly, one after another, because of a common, underlying theme: opposition to the historical phenomenon of cultural amalgamation and political centralisation called "Americanity," or—as we in the League prefer—simply, Southern nationalism.

We hope readers will not only enjoy the LS Papers, but that they will also derive benefit from them to defend and promote the cause of Southern nationalism.
296 pages. PB. $25.00 Post Paid

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