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Immigrant newspaper attacks League of the South, praises pro-amnesty mayor

A Spanish-language newspaper in Savannah, Georgia called La Voz Latina ('The Latina Voice') which says it exists 'for the Latino Look at Page 6community' of the Lowcountry of Georgia and South Carolina has a lengthy two page editorial in its August edition (see page 6) attacking the League of the South and praising Uvalda Mayor Paul Bridges. The article is written by John Newton (in fact, most of the writers for the newspaper have English names).


The editorial in question is mostly a fluff piece which praises the unpopular mayor of Uvalda for his pro-amnesty activism on behalf of the Third World immigrants who are displacing the native Southern people of Georgia. Hispanic immigrants now make up over 8.8% of the population of Georgia and many rural areas of the State in particular are already demographically non-Southern. Mayor Bridges ran for office of his small Georgia town as a 'conservative' but once in office sided with Left-wing, anti-White organisations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the National Immigration Law Center in a legal suit against the State of Georgia over its strict immigration law. Predictably, the US Federal court system sided with the mayor, the Left-wing groups and illegal immigrants against the people of the State of Georgia.

The mayor has also taken his case for the demographic displacement of Georgians to the US media in articles and videos in which he theorised that an American is a 'concept' and 'rainbows.' He has impeded efforts by local law enforcement in Uvalda and the surrounding county to crack down on illegal immigration and immigrant crime. La Voz Latina describes Bridges as 'a gentle man who speaks softly and seldom raises his voice.' It claims that he 'has lots of friends in South Georgia and throughout the country' and 'defend[s] the rights of all the residents of his farming community regardless of their skin color.' The editorial concludes with the line 'Paul needs your prayers.' Ultra-Extreme_Left wing MayorOne would get the impression from the article that Mayor Bridges is a heroic and beloved folk hero when in fact he is opposed by the city council of Uvalda, the local police and most of the people of the town. He has little power because of his unpopularity and is currently serving the final year of his term in office. As the article notes 'Paul Bridges finds himself ostracized by the other members of Uvalda's city government including the mayor pro-tem and all five council members.' Given his support for amnesty and Third World immigration it is highly doubtful that the mayor has a bright political future in rural Georgia.


On the other hand, the League of the South, which is holding a demonstration on 24 August in Uvalda against the demographic displacement of Georgians, is described as 'an ultra-right-wing political organization.' It notes that 'The group advocates for a second Southern secession from the union and favors a society dominated by "European Americans".' La Voz helpfully notes that this means White people. It makes no mention of the League's work for the survival and well-being of the Southern people. Newton's article does however quote Ed Wolfe, Chairman of the Georgia League of the South. Mr Wolfe has confirmed to SNN that he has not spoken to La Voz Latina and believes that the immigrant newspaper has a 'spy' which is monitoring the League's communications. That said, the quote is factually correct and reads

'This scalawag mayor is a rainbow Republican and needs to be put in his place. This demonstration will have a very narrow focus – how immigration is destroying our Southern Culture.'


The article also attacks the police chief of Uvalda, Lewis Smith, quoting Bridges:

"Time after time, this chief of police, a man who is sworn to uphold the law, has used his authority to racially profile and trample on the rights of the Hispanics who live in Uvalda," Bridges said. "He sets up illegal roadblocks, threatening people with deportation, and I'm not going to keep silent while these abuses continue to occur."

Mayor Paul Bridges opposes local police efforts to enforce laws against illegal immigration
For his dedication to the native people of Georgia the police chief is smeared in this article by the mayor. There are no quotes from Police Chief Smith. While clearly unappreciated by La Voz Latina and Mayor Bridges, according to all reports Smith has the people of the town and of Georgia in general on his side. The League of the South plans on honouring the police chief for his service to the Southern people at the demonstration.


It should be pointed out that the entire editorial is simply the opinion of a Leftist writer in Savannah and the pro-amnesty mayor of a small town which is ready to see him go. Nowhere in the piece is anyone quoted defending the interests of Southerners except for the two sentences attributed to Mr Wolfe. None of the citizens of Uvalda were asked whether or not they want to be displaced by Mexican workers. None of the parents of the town were asked if they wanted their children sent to school full of foreign students. Nowhere in the piece is anyone quoted defending the interests of Southerners except for the two sentences from Mr Wolfe. Newton assumes the moral high ground for his advocacy of flooding southern Georgia with vast numbers of Third World immigrants without giving any consideration to the rights and concerns of the native people of Georgia.

Those opposed to mass immigration and amnesty are described as the 'old guard' and Newton even invokes the Leftist cliché 'Paul Bridges stands on the right side of history in this struggle.' The article quotes Bridges using similar Progressive rhetoric: 'You can only do so much when people are resistant to change, no matter how much sense it makes.' Readers of La Voz Latina are to take it then that supporting the imposition of a foreign language, a foreign culture, a Left-wing political agenda and ultimately the displacement of the native people of Georgia is to be 'on the right side of history.' Georgians who do not want their towns and counties to become little Mexico colonies are 'resistant to change' – with 'change' always assumed to be a Progressive and positive nature. At least Georgians know where La Voz Latina, Mayor Paul Bridges and their supports stand on this all-important matter.

Likewise, it is clear where the League of the South and Southern nationalists in general also stand. Those favouring displacing Southerners have the US court system, the White House, the US media and vast numbers of immigrant-activists on their side. The Southern people have the League on their side. The upcoming demonstration in Uvalda will make this obvious and will call attention to the immorality of the anti-Southern agenda advanced by Mayor Bridges, La Voz Latina and their supporters.


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