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Uvalda / Vidalia, GA Protest against pro-amnesty mayor & Southern demographic displacement

On 24 of August 2013 the League of the South staged successful demonstrations in Uvalda and Vidalia, Georgia. The Southern nationalist organisation protested the pro-amnesty mayor of Uvalda, Paul Bridges, and the displacement of the Southern people. For supporting the local people of Georgia and opposing their demographic displacement the event's several dozen participants have been labeled 'neo-Nazis', 'extremists', 'racists' and 'terrorists' by Left-wing groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League.

Mayor Bridges was conspicuously out of town (purportedly at the advice of lawyers working for the SPLC) for the event but sent out messages to Uvalda city council members that falsely claimed the League is a Klan organisation. He wrote in a message that 'Just because they aren't dressed in white robes and pointed hats doesn't diminish the hatefulness of their intent.' This 'hatefulness' was demonstrated in the event's participants smiling and waving to all those who passed by the demonstration. Numerous people honked their horns or shouted out their support for the Southern nationalist demonstrators.

Participants held signs that read 'Mayor Bridges wants to replace us' and 'It's wrong to replace us.' They held four large banners that read 'For the Southern people!' The message was entirely positive and the three men who each briefly spoke to a crowd of supporters made the moral argument that Southerners have a right to exist in their own land without being displaced by mass immigration and amnesty.

The League's president, Dr Michael Hill (a retired professor at the University of Alabama), presented an award to Uvalda Police Chief Lewis Smith who has been viciously slandered by Mayor Bridges. The soft-spoken police chief has sought to enforce the laws of Georgia while Bridges joined the SPLC in suing the State in Federal court over its immigration law. The mayor rents to several illegal immigrants and charges of child molestation have dogged him. His term in office expires soon but he is actively seeking an anti-Southern, pro-amnesty politician to follow him as Uvalda's mayor.

Police Chief Smith wrote in a recent Facebook post of Mayor Bridges' slander of the League and of the people's ability to see through the lies:

La Raza awarded Mayor Paul Bridges for pushing amnesty & Third World immigration.

More slander by Uvalda mayor in a post on his Facebook page. Bridges says the KKK had a rally in Uvalda. This is more lies by the Mayor in an attempt to slander me again as well as city council members. This is big talk for someone that didn't even show up to defend himself as he did so vigorously on his way to Washington the group of individuals were very professional and all the council members saw this. It really made the mayor look like a fool for trying to cause racial tension within our city. There were all different races at the event including our African American citizens who listened closely to what the protesters had to say. Every Uvalda citizen that I spoke to said they came away from this event with a different opinion of the protesters than Bridges made them out to be. I know the mayor had to be disappointed when everything turned out peacefully and there was not even one incident. The LS have been called every thing under the sun by Bridges as I have and he underestimates our present city council's intelligence. That's why they can see through his lies. Ask yourself who is the real racist and how many black or white citizens did Bridges stand up and fight for with all his documentaries on his way to Washington. The answer is none.

Following the demonstration, brief speeches and award presentation to Chief Lewis, the event's participants sought shelter and refreshment from the blistering heat at a nearby restaurant. The League was invited to have dinner by the establishment's owners. From there the group traveled down the road to Vidalia, Georgia.

They set up their next demonstration across from a Walmart Super Center on a high-traffic highway. The sky grew overcast but the rain held off as League members held their banners, flags and signs protesting the displacement of the Southern people. Vidalia is heavily Mexican now and existing immigration laws are openly flouted in the area. Several local people came over to speak with League members and express their support for the demonstration. They complained of how certain entire industries are now almost exclusively composed of illegal immigrants (nearly all of them Hispanic – and most of them Mexicans).

One lady who came over to speak with the event's participants had learned of the demonstration through a cell phone text message alert system set up to help illegal immigrants avoid road blocks and arrest by law enforcement. The message (in Spanish) warned that a dangerous 'hate group' was holding a demonstration in Vidalia and advised recipients to avoid the area. After talking with locals, recruiting several new members into the League and demonstrating for nearly two hours most of the participants drove home or retired to their hotel. A period of fellowship followed as League members celebrated a successful day.

NOTE: This is the first in a series of demonstrations on the all-important issue of demographic displacement that we will be holding over the next several months. If you can, please participate. If you can not participate, please donate to SNN or the League of the South. A lot of expenses go into organising an event like this. To draw more people at upcoming events we will have to advertise in the local media, which is not cheap. We will have an announcement very soon about the next demonstration!

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