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A Word about Traditional Southern Orthography
Why Southern Traditionalists Reject the Webster's Spelling Standard

For cultural distinctiveness the LS eschews the use of Webster's so-called "American" English orthography which actually is nothing more than a bastardisation of the proper and correct English language by New England busybodies.

Whenever possible, we prefer to use the more traditional, antebellum Southern English orthography; widely known to many as the Oxford standard which once saw widespread usage in Dixie prior to the War for Southern Independence and Reconstruction and even some limited use afterwards. This is why you'll see words like "colour" and "organisation" throughout DixieNet instead of the spellings you were taught in school.

We kindly request that you waste not your own precious time or ours by complaining about our use of Southern orthography since the Oxford standard is the most widely accepted and orthodox orthography in the English-speaking world. It is actually the most accurate guide to the spelling of the English language available today, and we proudly re-embrace it as a part of our Southron language.

For those who would like to learn more about traditional Southern orthography DixieNet invites you to read our special "Verbal Independence" series by LS Cultural Chairman Dr James Everett Kibler, Jr.

Read "Verbal Independence" Here

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What is The League of the South?
by Dr Michael Hill - LS President

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