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Southern States out voted on Gang of Eight's Immigration Bill

The Senate has voted 68 - 32 to invoke cloture on the Gang of Eight's Immigration Bill; in other words, for the bill.

Once again, the South (the 13 State South of the Congressional Quarterly: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia) has voted against liberalization of U. S. immigration policy, only to be overidden by the U. S. as a whole.

These thirteen Southern States voted 16 - 10 against the Gang of Eight's Bill. Thus, the rest of the U. S. voted 58 - 16 for the bill.

Here is the breakdown by major U. S. Region:

Region Voted Yes Voted No

Here is a further breakdown by some important subregions for this analysis:

Region Voted Yes Voted No
Rocky Mountain
Great Plains
Midwest Proper

The Rocky Mountain Region consists of the States of: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

The Great Plains Region consists of the States of: Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota

The Midwest Proper consists of the States of: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, MIssouri, Ohio,and Wisconsin. (MIssouri is included in the Midwest by both the Congressional Quarterly & the U. S. Census Bureau.)

All U. S. Senators voted on the cloture motion on the Gang of Eight's Immigration Bill. All Democrats voted Yes. Fourteen Republicans voted Yes, but only four of these Republicans are from the above 13 Southern States.

The votes against the bill (against invoking cloture) by State are as follows:

In the South:

  • Alabama 2 votes (Sessions and Shelby)
  • Arkansas 1 vote (Boozman)
  • Georgia 2 votes (Chambliss and Isakson)
  • Kentucky 2 votes (McConnell and Paul)
  • Louisiana 1 vote (Vitter)
  • Mississippi 2 votes (Cochran and Wicker)
  • North Carolina 1 vote (Burr)
  • Oklahoma 2 votes (Coburn and Inhofe)
  • South Carolina 1 vote (Scott)
  • Texas 2 votes (Cornyn and Cruz)

In the Midwest:

  • Kansas 2 votes (Moran and Roberts)
  • Indiana 1 vote (Coats)
  • Iowa 1 vote (Grassley)
  • Missouri 1 vote (Blunt)
  • Nebraska 2 votes (Fischer and Johanns)
  • Ohio 1 vote (Portman)
  • South Dakota 1 vote (Thune)
  • Wisconsin 1 vote (Johnson)

In the West:

  • Idaho 2 votes (Crapo and Risch)
  • Utah 1 vote (Lee)
  • Wyoming 2 votes (Barrasso and Enzi)

In the Northeast:

  • Pennsylvania 1 vote (Toomey)

A Breakdown of the Southern Vote by Southern Region:

"Deep South" (traditionally, the Lower South, but minus Florida and Texas of the traditional Lower South): The States of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina Yes 2 votes (Graham of South Carolina and Landrieu of Louisiana) No 8 votes

Upper South (Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia) Yes 6 votes No 2 votes (Boozman of Arkansas and Burr of North Carolina).

"Border South (Kentucky and Oklahoma) No 4 votes

Note the extreme weakness of the Upper South in this vote. This is due to two factors, the number of Democrats in the Senate from the Upper South (2 from Virginia, and one each from Arkansas and North Carolina), and to the two Republican Senators from Tennesse voting yes for the Gang of Eight Immigration Bill.

The 13 State South has only six Democratic Senators to 20 Republican Senators. All Democrats in the Senate voted for the Immigration Bill. Four of the 20 Republicans from these 13 Southern States voted for the Gang of Eight Bill: Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Rubio of Florida, and the two Senators from Tennessee, Lamar Alexander and Corker. Thus, the Republican Senators from these Southern States voted 16 to 4 against the bill.

If the South included Missouri, West Virginia, and Maryland, the Southern vote on the Gang of Eight's Immigration Bill would have been reduced to a margin against of only two, 17 - 15, as the six Senators from Missouri, West Virginia, and Maryland voted 5 - 1 for the Immigration Bill, only Blunt of Missouri voting no.

Bill Cawthon

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