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New North Carolina LS State Chairman

It is my pleasure to introduce to the membership our incoming State Chairman, Harold R. Crews. An attorney from Walkertown and longtime active NC LS member, Harold will take the NC LS Chairman at the end of the Nullify Now! event in Raleigh. Please join me in welcoming Harold to this high position of trust and responsibility!

It has been a great honor, privilege, pleasure and rewarding experience to serve NC LS and I deeply appreciate the confidence of not only Dr. Michael Hill and former State Chairman Michael C. Tuggle, but also the support of the NC LS leadership and members across this great State of North Carolina.

Our progress has been tremendous since my first day as chairman in November 2007 as the NC LS has become a political force of no small magnitude in our State, and I look forward to Harold continuing this important goal of making NC LS a well-known and respected defender of North Carolina's political interests. As with former Chairman Michael C. Tuggle, this will be free me to pursue other goals of the NC LS and support the Chapter in other areas.

I want to deeply thank Vice Chairman Mitch Flinchum for his productive grassroots efforts and connections with the North Carolina Tenth Amendment organization which developed into our participation at tomorrow's Nullify Now! event in Raleigh. Incoming State Chairman Harold Crews has done equally important work in recording NC LS conferences and establishing a video record of our past events – with hardworking members like this the chairperson's job is easy.

Always recognizing that we are not a heritage group, but a political action organization, the words of Dr. Hill have rung true to me: "We do not dwell in the past, but the past dwells within us." We cherish the past, our traditions, and most importantly, the political heritage which we carry in our hearts and defend today at events like Nullify Now! Let us consider the kind invitation to be involved with this important event as evidence of our political progress, and our emerging position in North Carolina's political spectrum – let's continue the momentum.

Thank you very much for your strong support during my tenure!

Bernhard Thuersam, NC LS State Chairman

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