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New South Carolina Chairman, Michael Cushman, Renewed Focus

I am pleased to have been selected by the SC LS Board of Directors as chairman of the SC League and wish to thank the Board and members. This is an opportunity to take stock, make some goals and renew our focus. Not long ago our organisation had a strong presence throughout our State and was able to exert significant political influence.

In recent years our activism has waned and things have stagnated within the SC LS. Thankfully, within the broader Southern nationalist movement there is a new commitment to activism. I have strongly supported this new commitment and participated in many of the activities of late. We have seen events organised on both the national and local level. In turn, this has generated a great deal of excitement and also drawn in many new (and often younger) members. Where club life can lead to paralysis and defeatism, activism has a way of solving many problems. While meetings have their place there is no substitute for action.

The SC LS has a history of activism if look back to the late 1990s and early 2000s. We have a fine tradition upon which to build. And our State is ripe for our message. Across the South and beyond we see a great deal of enthusiasm for nullification and self-determination. Federal actions against gun rights and health care freedom have triggered a strong reaction from the people. As well, immigration and demographic displacement are now hot topics from Texas to Florida to Virginia. Here in the Palmetto State negative demographic trends are leading to the displacement of our people in small towns such as Saluda as well as bigger cities such as North Charleston. This is a winning issue for our organisation. More importantly, it is a vital issue for the future of our people. The SC LS will have a busy schedule of demonstrations and other activism in the coming months as we take a stand for the survival, well-being and independence of the Southern people.

As the new chairman I strongly encourage all our old members whose membership has expired to rejoin our ranks. I also ask those who have perhaps seen little activity from the SC LS and have therefore lost interest to give us another chance. Look at our focus and our activism and then join us and help us make a difference. Also, we invite those who have never joined the League to do so at this time. Never has there been a greater need for the League of the South than right now. Current negative trends in our society have pushed public opinion on a host of issues in our direction. A positive, organised, enthusiastic and activism-driven Southern nationalist organisation could have a huge impact in South Carolina at a time like this. It is up to us; no one is going to do this for us.

Thank you again for the SC LS Board's confidence in me. I will certainly do my best to expand the organisation and its influence. But I'm going to need your help. It will take enthusiasm, time and money to make the SC LS the premier Southern nationalist organisation that it could and should be. I'm confident that we can and will make that happen.

Michael Cushman
Chairman of the SC LS

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