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Forming A Local LS Chapter

The League of the South will succeed only insofar as it succeeds in forming vibrant and active county chapters. This is where the real work of our organization gets done. One of our most important organizational goals is to have a League chapter in every county in every Southern State. The energies and resources of the League National Office and the individual State chapters should be focused primarily on this goal.

While we have succeeded in organizing numerous county chapters across the South, much more remains to be done. What follows are some ideas and guidelines for establishing LS county chapters. Please feel free to copy this tract and distribute it to our membership.


The League presently has a number of local chapters located in various towns and cities. If there is only one of these local chapters in a particular county, then that chapter is the natural nucleus for a countywide chapter. Where there are two or more local chapters extant in a county, the State Chairman should confer with the existing chapter heads about forming a larger county organization. These county chapters should serve as the League's basic organizational building blocks.

To aid him in starting county chapters, each LS State Chairman should determine his membership in every county in the State (a large wall map with coloured push pins is a good method of doing this). If he then finds that there are several members in a particular county—but there is no countywide organization—he should then act immediately to bring them together in order to form a chapter.

It is not necessary to have a large membership in a county to begin a chapter. In fact, all that we need are a few active and dedicated members who are willing to act as organizers and officers. Once the State Chairman has brought together the disparate members (or local chapters) within a county, the following things should be done:

  • 1. A Provisional County Chairman should be appointed
  • 2. The Provisional Chairman should then select Provisional Officers from the County LS membership
  • 3. Those officers should consist of
  • A. A Vice-Chairman
  • B. A Secretary-Treasurer
  • C. A Recruitment Officer
  • D. A Public Affairs and Media Officer
  • E. A Political Affairs Officer

Once the chapter is formed and staffed with Provisional Officers, the County Chairman should determine a date, time, and place for regular meetings. All meeting should be conducted according to League of the South protocol. Ideally, county meetings should be held weekly. Upon the establishment of a regular meeting schedule, the chapter, in cooperation with the State Chairman, should select permanent officers. To enhance communications within the chapter, an e-mail list and a telephone tree would be helpful.


Once the county chapter is formed, the next item of business should be to promote it throughout the county. In order to do this, all meeting should be held in a public venue and be open to the general public. The League does not operate in secret conclaves. A good way to publicize the county chapter and its goals (as well as the overall goals and objectives of the League) is to run advertisements in local newspapers, spots on local radio stations, and by word of mouth among friends and kinfolks. The intent should be to inform the county's citizens of the existence of the chapter, its general principles, and information about its regularly scheduled meetings. Moreover, local LS leaders should approach elected and appointed officials on the city and county level and inform them of the chapter's existence and goals. Prominent citizens should also be contacted for the same reasons. One of our intermediate goals in every county ought to be to make the League's message palatable to average citizens. To do this, we do not water down our message or abandon our principles. Rather, by example, we show our fellow citizens that we are respectable and responsible, and wish only to advance the well being of our county. We simply have a new perspective (which is really an old, tried and true one) on how best to accomplish this objective.

If we can convince mayors, councilmen, commissioners, sheriffs, police chiefs, judges, and other officials that we hold true American (actually Southern) principles about politics and society, then they perhaps will be more likely to work with us. Also, do not neglect approaching newspaper editors and reporters and television and radio station managers and personnel. As our chapters grow larger, they will become real political and economic forces with their respective counties.

We must act as ladies and gentlemen in all that we do. The most effective way to persuade is by good example. The Bible tells us "By their fruits ye shall know them." Let us bear good, sweet fruit for our counties by standing firmly on our commitment to the furtherance of Christian liberty.


Most League activities demand the expenditure of funds. Therefore, each county chapter must pay heed to fundraising. As League members, we are pledged to give "blood, treasure, and sacred honor" to our Cause. Our ancestors in both 1776 and 1861 dug deeply into their own resources (however meager they were in some cases) to finance their struggles for liberty. Within reason, we must do the same. However, there are other ways to raise resources. For example, a county chapter might assess regular dues from its members to fund local projects. Also, the chapter might produce and sell items such as bumper stickers, t-shirts, car tags, flags, etc. Be creative. You may decide to sponsor a barbeque, a car wash, a bake sale, or some other money-generating event. This is a good way to have some fun and meet local folks who may one day become members of the chapter. From time to time, you may find it necessary to confer with your State Chairman about securing funds from the State treasury for special projects.


This is a random list of fifty activities in which county chapter might profitable engage:

1. Attend city council, school board, and other public meetings to express League positions and concerns.

2. Write letters-to-the-editor or guest editorials in your local newspaper. Always note that you are a LS member.

3. Donate pro-South books (e.g. The South Was Right!) to your local library. Be sure to have a local newspaper photographer or TV camera crew there when you make the presentation. This makes a good local story, especially in small towns.

4. Find local merchants who will allow the distribution of League literature on their premises.

5. Distribute League literature personally to family and friends.

6. Set up a League booth or table at every public event in the county (e.g. Trade Days, Mule Days, Heritage Days, craft shows, historical commemorations, and assorted other events).

7. Have your own customized League of the South banner made to use at all public events.

8. Get involved in local "conservative" social causes (e.g. protests against abortion clinics). This likely will put you in contact with potential recruits for the County chapter.

9. Start a local "Buy Southern, Buy Local" economic campaign. Your local farmers and merchants will love this. Discourage people from doing business with out-of-State chain stores that drive locals out of business and hurt the "little man." Some of these chains include Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Burger King, and . . . well, you know who they are.

10. Give League award certificates to those who are patriotic enough to fly a Confederate flag at their residence or business.

11. Offer to work in the campaigns of local candidates who hold our principles.

12. Run a local LS member for office. For instance, the county sheriff is the supreme law enforcement officer in the county, and this includes both federal and State officials. Of all countywide offices, this is the one that our people need to control.

13. Sponsor a LS Institute "Hedge School" in your county. To arrange one, call Dr. Don Livingston at (404) 377-2812.

14. As individuals and as a community of Southern Patriots, become as self-sufficient as possible. For instance, form a Farmers' Co-Op to encourage local agriculture; grow your own garden; if possible, raise chickens and keep a cow to provide eggs and dairy products for your family and friends; learn a new and practical skill and acquire the tools to do it. Use your imagination, the possibilities are virtually endless.

15. Form a "Shooting Club" to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights and to learn gun safety and proficiency.

16. Consider joining a good, solid, Biblically based church. Our ultimate goal, after all, is the restoration of Christian liberty to the South.

17. Homeschool your children, or at least put them in a private, Christian academy. The public (or government) schools are nothing but anti-Southern, anti-Christian propaganda mills. Make this sacrifice for your children.

18. Initiate local petition drives on various issues within your community. This is also a good way to build up a local mailing list.

19. Issue "scorecards" on the voting records of local and State officials in your county. These, if publicized, put pressure on them to do the right thing.

20. Arrange for public showings of LS videos (e.g. the 4 March 2000 "Southern Independence Day Celebration" in Montgomery). Also, check public access TV channels in your area and ask about showing our videos.

21. Inform local leaders that less federal power means more local power. This appeal works with most politicians (when they have taken time to reflect on it).

22. Support only local charities so you can determine how and where your donations are used. Form an "Emergency Response Team" to help out victims of natural disasters (i.e. fires, floods, tornados, hurricanes, etc.). Start a local LS charitable organization to help the worthy poor and destitute in your area. But remember the Bible's admonition: "He who will not work will not eat."

23. Publish a local newsletter for your members.

24. Use billboard ads for recruiting.

25. Place LS brochures on vehicles that have pro-South bumper stickers or tags.

26. Start a monthly reading club (for those so inclined) to discuss books on historical, literary, theological, or other subjects.

27. Organize picket protests when necessary (e.g. at businesses that display anti-Southern actions and attitudes).

28. Provide assistance (financial and otherwise) for new parents who are local LS members. We need to populate the South with Confederates; however, having large families is often a strain on the resources of young couples. Help them out if you can.

29. Buy time on a local talk radio station (say, one hour per week) and find someone to do a show on current events from a pro-South perspective.

30. Organize a Confederate Memorial Day Parade or some other event on the appropriate occasion (e.g. Jefferson Davis's birthday, etc.).

31. Fly Confederate flags at your residence or business every day.

32. Download and distribute copies of our tract entitled "On Secession and Southern Independence." It is located on our website (

33. Work with other pro-South and conservative groups in your county, and encourage cross-membership in the organizations (e.g. HPA, SCV, CSA, CofCC, etc.).

34. Buy and distribute LS audio- and videotapes. See for a complete list of these tapes.

35. If you have attorneys among your membership, introduce them to the newly formed Southern Bar Association (contact Mr. Jack Kershaw at (615) 292-2316).

36. Encourage all County chapter members to attend the annual State Convention and the LS National Conference. Make plans to share rides and hotel rooms.

37. Identify all Southern (including Confederate) historical and cultural sites in your County and preserve and protect them.

38. Develop a phone tree and e-mail list to enhance local communications between officers and members. In cases where the transfer of information is sensitive, establish a secure means of communication.

39. Establish regular communications with your State Chairman and Regional Director.

40. Develop emergency rendezvous points throughout the County in case of natural disasters, etc. We want to be able to help our neighbors during a crisis. (See point #22 on "Emergency Response Team").

41. Secure detailed topographic maps (including all back roads) of your County to familiarize yourself with the "lay of the land." This resource will be invaluable should your Emergency Response Team have to react to a natural disaster.

42. Read, study, and educate yourselves. Turn off the television and shut out the bankrupt culture of post-modern America. Promote the LS "Declaration of Southern Cultural Independence" at every opportunity.

43. Always carry League literature on your person or in your vehicle. You never know when you might meet a potential recruit.

44. Memorize the LS Statement of Purpose: "We seek to advance the cultural, social, economic, and political well being and independence of the Southern people by all honourable means."

45. Make regular written reports (at least once per quarter) of your activities and plans to your State Chairman.

46. Always be ready and willing to help other counties in your State get organized. Let them know what has and has not worked for you.

47. Be good stewards of your own property. God demands this of us, and it makes a good impression on the community.

48. Bring together like-minded musicians in the LS to form a band. Southerners are highly motivated by good, patriotic music (e.g. "Dixie," "The Bonnie Blue Flag," etc.).

49. Sponsor a local conference and Confederate Ball once a year. The League will, if you wish, provide speakers.

50. Pray daily that God will bless our Cause. This is really the first (and most important) thing we should do at the beginning of each day. Thus, we saved the best for last.

The above fifty activities are by no means an exhaustive list. The particular circumstances within your respective counties may permit others. Be creative and use your imagination.

Should you have questions, comments, or suggestions about County Chapter formation and activities, contact your State Chairman or the LS National Office.

Deo Vindice!

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