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Yes We Can!
The League of the South

For months Americans have been saturated with news of the Presidential race. It's impossible not to pay it some heed, even if you feel as we do that it's all a cynical charade. When asked, as inevitably we are, "Who's the best choice?" we're forced to reply, "None of the above." Or more to the point, "It really doesn't make any difference."

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The Demonization Of The South
by Dr. Michael Hill

Demonization as a political and social stratagem knows no temporal or geographical bounds; it is a ploy as old as civilization itself. The objective of the game is to dehumanize an opponent (an individual or a group) in order to gain public support for his marginalization or destruction. Modern America abounds with examples of the demonization process, most of them perpetuated by the Left (which includes Trotskyite neo-conservatives) against the traditional, populist Right. The Oklahoma City bombing, black church burnings, the Atlanta Olympics pipe-bombing, and the ever-present and ubiquitous citizen militia movement have all been used by the government and its lap-dog media to portray anyone to the right of George W. Bush and the Republican National Committee as a clear and present danger to the public weal. But the boogie-man singled out to receive the lion's share of the liberal/neocon opprobrium is the battleflag-waving Southern "cracker" or "redneck,"who is uniformly presented by the media, the academy, and popular culture as Old Scratch incarnate. Unfortunately, the demonization of Southerners and their region is not of recent origin.

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What The Traditional South Wants And Doesn't Want:
A Statement To The Rest Of The World

As the only extant Southern Nationalist organization, The League of the South has taken upon itself the responsibility of speaking for the Traditional South. Someone else will have to speak for the New South; we want no part of it.


Back To Eden: From Wage Slave To Freeholder
An Essay on Southern Economic Renewal: What Can the League of the South Do?

As yet, the League of the South hasn't given the Southern people any reason to trust us. Christ said that if we would be the greatest of all, we must first be the servant of all. We must serve, and become the servant of, our people. That is our only road to leadership. Otherwise we are just the latest brand of revolutionaries shouting, "Trust us & let us change everything!" Don't be too surprised if the sensible Southern people say, "No, thank you."


Ron Paul and Jeffersonian Republicanism
by Basil Childress

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul has gotten some attention (not nearly what's deserved) for the astonishing fundraising on his behalf by those who have been roused by his message.

Normally, (we're confident Dr. Paul would agree), such fundraising is merely a reflection of such sums' corrupting ability to buy power and favor from the Leviathan the US government has become. We believe Paul's fundraising is different.


The Empire Strikes Back In Charleston, SC!
by Thomas H. Naylor

As a founder of the Second Vermont Republic, one of the most high profile secession movements in America, I am often asked, "Do you think Big Brother is watching you?" Until recently I have always answered, "I don't know." But that all changed two nights ago, when I received a late night phone call informing me of a forthcoming conference to be held in Charleston, S.C. on December 6-8 on "Secession As An International Phenomenon."


Why We Will Win
by Dr. J. Michael Hill

Experience shows us that life is hard. It is hard for each individual in his day-to-day affairs. It is doubly difficult when men must act together to accomplish a corporate goal. Inevitably, problems will surface that threaten to rip apart an organization committed to any sort of serious accomplishments. How we handled these difficulties—as individual LS members and as a - organization--will go a long way in determining whether we will win or lose.


Red State - Blue State Secessionists Unite
by Thomas H. Naylor

Flag-waving patriots didn't like it one bit. Nor did left-wing Democrats, right-wing Republicans, the Bush administration's neocon mafia, the Israeli lobby, Corporate America, Fox news, CNN, National Public Radio, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, The Nation, The Wall Street Journal, or The New York Times. The have-gun-will-travel Southern Poverty Law Center was absolutely beside itself. And what exactly was it that they all didn't like?


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