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Murfreesboro and Shelbyville . . .

The League of the South had two very successful demonstrations in Murfreesboro (Saturday morning) and Shelbyville (Saturday afternoon), Tennessee, on 12 October to protest the demographic displacement of Southerners through government-sponsored illegal immigration and refugee resettlement.

We estimate our group of demonstrators, ranging in age from one to seventy years, at 75 strong and from as far away as Florida, Virginia, Missouri, Arkansas, and Illinois. That's roughly a 50% increase from our Uvalda/Vidalia, Georgia, demonstrations back in August.

Our group held professionally-made signs, banners, and flags. We once again adhered to a dress code, and this time out more men wore suits or sport coats and ties than before. We gathered at the intersection of Broad and Vine, but were allowed only one side of the street for our meeting place. We stayed on message--our signs read "It's wrong to replace us" and "No jihad in Tennessee" and our banners depicted the LS logo and website address along with the meme: For the Southern People. We flew the Southern Nationalist activism flag and the Tennessee State flag. Our demonstrators also showed great discipline and order.

We were opposed in the university (and mosque) city of Murfreesboro by a group of leftists about the same size as our own, who were allowed to assemble on our permit (we never got an explanation as to why they were allowed to do this). However, they had no consistent message, gaudy hand-made signs, no apparent dress code, and no order or discipline. In fact, they spent the morning blaring leftist propaganda at us through a bullhorn and trying to get us off point and into a pointless "debate." The fact is, we have nothing to say to them. Our worldviews are so incompatible that there is no common ground on which to meet. I am happy to say that our people refused to be baited into any undisciplined behavior. I also appreciate the Murfreesboro police officers on duty for keeping these leftist demonstrators at a distance so they could not adversely affect our event.

Next we headed to Shelbyville for our afternoon demonstration at the corner of N. Main and Colleredo Blvd. There, we were able to occupy all four corners of a very busy intersection. While we were well received in Murfreesboro, it was nothing like the good reception we got in the smaller and more traditionally Southern town of Shelbyville. We received hundreds of positive responses from locals driving past and only a few negative ones. In all, we distributed about 1000 pieces of League literature (mainly Free Magnolias). The young children were especially active in handing our our materials. Sadly, there was no counter-demonstration in Shelbyville. We were hoping for another chance for the local folks to compare us with them. I think you know what I mean!

We have future plans to hold similar demonstrations in SC, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia over the next few months. A sincere "thank you" to all who turned out and made these events a success.

Our next public demonstration will be in the Greenville, SC, area on Saturday, 7 December. For more information, see our event Facebook page at

--Michael Hill

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