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State Rights, Secession
and Big Government

Declaration of Southern Cultural Independence

Dixie Outfitters
Dixie Outfitters

Southern Independence: Antidote to Tyranny
League Of The South 2013 Annual Conference

Featuring practical workshops and speeches promoting Southern independence and practical responses to the current tyranny. Confirmed speakers thus far are: Michael Hill and Michael Cushman

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A Free, Sovereign and Independent South Carolina
by Cole Cleburne

Free South CarolinaTo become a free people, we must first see ourselves as a free people. In a few articles I wrote, I began to lead us down that road in an economic sense. The first looks at the South in sheer GDP terms. The second article compared GDP per capita of Southern states to other nations of the world. As you can see from the second article South Carolina's GDP per capita was $35,717, which if it were it's own independent country would put it at 36th worldwide, roughly comparable to France.

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League Of The South News Service
Statement on Firearms and Self Defense

Therefore, should the U.S. government, or our State governments, decide, as did King George III in 1775, to confiscate our weapons and ammunition, then like our ancestors we shall have no choice but to declare it an act of war and meet it with a morally justifiable, righteous, and manly armed resistance.

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Southern State GDP per-capita Comparisons with Independent Nations
by Cole Cleburne

Indpendent Southern States GDP per capitaLet's look at where our southern states would rank as independent nations, then compare them to nations of the world. GDP per capita can be considered a strong indicator of living conditions in a country. (Numbers taken from 2010 GDP data)

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A Fundamental Truth

Seal of MissouriSalus Populi Suprema Lex Esto (the welfare of the people is the supreme law) is the State motto of Missouri. It is also a fundamental truth that all free men observe. No law made of man can transcend one's God-given right of self protection.

In a "democracy" in which 51% of the people may dispossess the other 49%, the motto is essential to the well being of the latter group. I have heard Obama supporters say that those who opposed their false messiah just have to accept his victory and whatever he may decide to do with their rights, their property, and their lives.

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The Economic Power of The Southern States
by Cole Cleburne

Although GDP is not a perfect measure of economic power, the number can be used as a matter of comparison between states or in this matter, comparing southern states to other nations.

Economic Power of Southern StatesMany southerners simply cannot see themselves as separate from the union. This notion is based in part on the economic power of the current United States. No matter the fact our nation is in fiscal shambles, the current union still remains an economic powerhouse. How long this continues is a matter of debate, but as it deteriorates, the promise for a free south will continue to rise.

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Get US Off The USS Titanic Billboard and Bumper Stickers

The League of the South has a message all freedom-loving Southerners ought to hear. It is the message of Southern independence from a sinking, corrupt, and destructive government in Washington, DC. When our people hear this message, they usually react positively to it. After all, no one in his right mind wants to go down on an obviously sinking ship.

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Secession: Breaking a Psychological Barrier

The spate of secession petitions that flooded the White House in the wake of Barack Obama's re-election on 6 November probably won't amount to much from a legal perspective. After all, despite the fact that several States, including Texas and others of the old Confederacy, got considerably more than the required 25,000 signatures during a thirty-day period to warrant a Presidential response, Mr. Obama really owes them nothing. And nothing is what they'll get from that quarter.

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Louisiana Could Be An Independent Country

As this short, critical analysis shows, the notion that independence means poverty and misery for any of our Southern States is a fallacy. On the contrary, independence opens the door to prosperity for our people. The only question remaining is - what are we waiting for?.

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The voluntary union (or confederacy) of States known as the United States was born of a secessionist movement against Great Britain, and our Declaration of Independence is, at base, a secessionist document. How, then, can secession legitimately be called un-American?.

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Like many other States of this once-voluntary union, Alabama has all that is necessary to be a separate, independent republic. Our State's population is 4.8 million (2010 US Census), which puts it equal to or larger than Norway, New Zealand, Croatia, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, and Iceland, among others. In total area (roughly 50,000 square miles) it is equal to or larger than Slovakia, Estonia, Denmark, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Israel, and Taiwan. It is a land of great diversity, from its resource-rich mountains in the north, to its luxuriant Black Belt farmlands, to its beautiful Gulf Coast. Alabama's enormous natural resources range from timber and other forest products to the ingredients for steel production - coal, iron ore, and limestone.

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The Right of Secession and the Benefits of Independence for The South

Secession belongs to a different class of remedies. It is to be justified upon the basis that the States are sovereign. There was a time when none denied it. I hope the time may come again, when a better comprehension of the theory of our Government, and inalienable rights of the people of the States, will prevent any one from denying that each State is a sovereign, and thus may reclaim the grants which it has made to any agent whomsoever.-- Jefferson Davis Farewell Address to U.S. Senate, 21 Jan. 1861

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Asking Permission To Elope
Bubba Smith

Can you imagine little Mary Jane, now 16 and wise in the ways of the world (some of them, anyway), coming to the startling conclusion that her life would be so much better if she were free from the mean, grumpy old father who never lets her have any fun at all? So when Rufus, the local dufus, suggests they ought to run away and get married, she goes straight home and asks her daddy for permission to elope. That is precisely what a simple citizen in Louisiana has done [and at least 19 people in other states have now followed suit], with his petition for permission to secede...

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Missouri Jack Hinson Shoot
After Action Report Missouri LS

The first ever Missouri Jack Hinson Shoot is in the books! A great time was had by all on this beautiful weekend (20-21 Oct) that the Lord provided.

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A Free, Sovereign and Independent Georgia

In this short article I will try to answer this question: Is it possible for Georgia to exist independent of the United States? First we will look at what seems to be on everyone's mind, that is, the economic meltdown. Then we will look at the political question wrapped around the moral question of size and scale. Then a brief look at our culture. And I'll wrap up with a look at what Georgia would lose if we left the Union.

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Florida As Its Own Nation

In a poll conducted by CNN in 2006 a startling 78% of Americans said that the Washington based government is "broken". The poll also concludes that over 21 million Americans believe the system cannot be fixed.

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Why Texas would be better off as a free republic.

Texas would be better off as a free republic in many ways. First, the taxes paid to the federal government by Texas would now be staying in Texas. In 2007, this amounted to $225,390,904,000. The most recent Texas State budget amounted to $182,000,000,000. By shifting the location to where these tax monies go, Texas could operate effectively on the monies currently paid in taxes to the federal government without increasing any taxes itself. The monies currently collected for Texas's use could then be used to pay down debt and national defense.

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The Poison Of Multiculturalism
Dr. Michael Hill - LS President

Eventually, amnesty for millions of non-white illegal aliens will become reality. Many think this is the beginning of the end of Western Christian civilization in North America. Why have the elites sold us out? Why are they committed to the destruction of the West by the promotion of multiculturalism?

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League Of The South Interstate Billboard Campaign
by Michael Hill

The League of the South Board of Directors has approved a major billboard publicity campaign. At present, we have one billboard (design above) on I-75 in south Georgia. The early results have been very promising. Take a look at the website to which the billboard is linked:

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League of the South Core Beliefs Statement

At its founding meeting in June 1994, The League of the South adopted the following Statement of Purpose:

We seek to advance the cultural, social, economic, and political well-being and independence of the Southern people by all honourable means."

Our Core Beliefs Statement is a more detailed explanation of our views on the four areas set forth above—the cultural, social, economic and political.

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